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Enhancing Development Through Sensory Environments™

Pathways For Learning, Inc. is a pediatric occupational therapy practice. Located in the South Charlotte, we’ve been helping children reach their full potential since 1998. Our clinic offers the most up-to-date therapy practices as well as staff who are highly trained and experienced therapists. We specialize in the treatment of Sensory Processing Disorder, Dyspraxia, perceptual motor, oculomotor, handwriting difficulties, written expression, writing fluency, processing speed, and overall fine and gross motor development.

Our Mission is to provide a loving, accepting, and supportive environment. We strive to create a child-directed environment which will allow children to take risks, to try new and challenging tasks, and to succeed with new-found skills and confidence. It is our goal to reach out to the community in the form of written material, conferences, workshops and support groups so that parents, educators and therapists are able to facilitate skills in all types of learners. We believe strongly in implementing early intervention so as to detect and remediate deficits in infancy and early childhood to avoid later difficulties.


What to Expect at Pathways For Learning

Skills & Relationship to School Performance
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