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Work It Mom! and guest blogger Gina Blitstein featured our very own Toni Schulken in
a unique education:  lessons children of mompreneurs learn

News Line's April feature story is a Q&A with Toni Schulken.  Click here to view. 


Pathways For Learning launches Computer Lab     
Our clinic has opened a computer lab not only to acknowledge the importance of computers in our society but to utilize the software as a therapeutic modality for:

  • Language Processing
  • Ocular Motor Skills
  • Visual Perception
  • Written Expression
  • Keyboarding, PowerPoint & Excel skills 


Book Study
Join the Pathways For Learning Staff Book Study - "The Mislabeled Child" by Eide & Eide
Parents and doctors often treat learning disabilities based on behavior rather than what is actually happening in the brain to cause that behavior.  A diagnosis of ADHD can stem from any number of things, and medication won’t cure the fact that the child may have a sensory impairment (hearing/vision) or a brain that's not wired to retain information after ten minutes without some sort of stimulating break.  These are two extremely simple examples. The Eides have comprehensive chapters on every kind of learning disability, from dyslexia to dysgraphia, and even the issues that come up in giftedness.  It's a comprehensive look at these disorders from two neuropsychologists who have pioneered the study, as well as being parents of gifted/learning disabled children. It provides an answer to the parents of the 16 million children with significant learning and behavioral problems; to the nearly 3 million teachers who are responsible for their education; to the 2 million homeschooling families, many of whom choose this route of education when poorly diagnosed or managed difficulties force them out of the traditional school track; and to the many therapists and other clinicians who help care for these children.

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The Mislabeled Child: How Understanding Your Child's Unique Learning Style Can Open the Door to Success

By Brock Eide, Fernette Eide

Edition: reprint, illustrated

Published by Hyperion, 2007

ISBN 1401308996, 9781401308995

528 pages

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