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July 2010
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May 2009

Local Therapists Go National to Increase Writing Literacy

Charlotte, NC, May 21, 2009 - Pathways for Learning, Inc., a local pediatric occupational therapy and comprehensive learning center, recently stepped onto the national stage by partnering with Mead® to develop Writing Fundamentals. These products were designed to guide parents and teachers on how to best introduce and facilitate essential writing skills to young learners through a multisensory approach.

For over 10 years, Pathways for Learning, Inc. has been working to increase writing literacy in the Charlotte, NC area by providing private therapy and offering in-service trainings to teachers and other professionals. Writing Fundamentals by Mead® was derived from the techniques and practices used within the therapy sessions at Pathways for Learning, Inc.

“Our ultimate goal is to make writing skills easy to teach and learn, and to enable children to write with confidence from the start,” says Toni M. Schulken, MS, OTR/L, founder and clinical director of Pathways for Learning, Inc. “These products feature techniques that have been researched and tested by therapists in our local clinics for years; I am thrilled that they are now available to everyone.”

Writing Fundamentals by Mead® will be available in Target and Staples in June, 2009. With hard work, perseverance and a passion for literacy, one small business can make a big difference!

About Pathways for Learning, Inc.
Pathways For Learning, Inc. is a pediatric occupational therapy practice and comprehensive learning center specializing in the treatment of perceptual motor, oculomotor, handwriting difficulties, written expression, writing fluency, processing speed, Sensory Processing Disorder, Dyspraxia and overall fine and gross motor development. With two locations serving the Charlotte, NC area, Pathways for Learning, Inc. offers the most up-to-date therapy and staffs only highly-trained therapists and educators. For more information about Pathways for Learning, Inc. visit

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