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This patented legibility paper was designed and tested by occupational therapists who specialize in handwriting. RediSpace® helps students write more neatly by using innovative cues for proper spacing between letters and words, correct letter size, and appropriate alignment of letters on the lines. Teachers LOVE RediSpace® because they can read their student’s handwriting and fewer errors occur in math due to number misalignment. Children at the Transitional stage have mastered letter formation and alignment on primary paper. They are now ready to write sentences and paragraphs on notebook paper; however, their visual motor integration skills directly related to spacing between letters and words is often not yet developed. Therefore, children at this stage demonstrate inconsistent spacing and have difficulty adhering to margins. The Redispace® Notebook helps students transition from primary paper to wide ruled notebook paper.

Read these statistics about handwriting:

  • 41-58% of the school day is spent doing written work in 1st-5th grade (, 2013)
  • Cursive handwriting is not part of the Common Core standards so more children are printing
  • Illegible handwriting often results in unsatisfactory grades (Amundson, 2001)
  • Proficient and legible handwriting is associated with academic success (Graham, Harris, Mason, Fink-Chorzempa, Moran & Saddler, 2007)
  • Poor handwriting may result in children not being able to read their own handwriting, being rejected from group work, inefficient note-taking, errors in homework, etc. (Racine, Majnemer, Shevell, & Snider, 2008)
  • Poor handwriting is staggering with not only 90% of kids with learning difficulties struggling with handwriting, but up to 25% of the typically developing population having poor handwriting (Moskowitz, 2009)
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