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Here’s how Catalogs are describing the Grotto Grip®

A design innovation! This is destined to become your favorite pencil grip. Encourages open web space. Large and comfy. Cool space-age design. Used by righties and lefties. Best of all…a partition and covered fingerspots makes it virtually impossible to use incorrectly. Their motto, “Every pencil, every child, every day!”

“Places the fingers in a mature tripod grasp every time! The specialized angles and finger guards promote an open web space and hand and palmer arching. Discourages hyper mobility at the joints of the thumb and index finger. Once fingers are placed correctly, the Grotto Grip prevents the user from reverting back to immature hand grasps. For both the left and right hands. Latex Free.”

“Unique, OT-designed grip that places fingers in a natural position that facilitates and reinforces a mature tripod grasp. Features finger guards which comfortably “hold” the fingers in the proper position resulting in improved pencil control! For R&L handers.”

What are customers saying about the Grotto Grip®?

"The conference was great.  Your Grotto Grip that I picked up as a sample has been invaluable to my seven year old son and has helped his handwriting improve immensely." - Feb. 14, 2009 By Jodie Riek

"Excellent.  The most helpful pencil grip.  We've tried a bunch of different ones, this is the best one.  Even my son's teacher asked where we got them, so she could get some for the kindergarten." - November 25, 2008 By Christine,

"Thanks for the grips, they are already helping my children who need help with pencil grip." - November 10, 2008 By Jennette, Teacher

"Helped my son tremendously!  My son has hyper-mobile joints in his hands.  In first grade he was having a terrible time holding a pencil.  It was very difficult for him to stabilize his hand.  He tired quickly when writing.  This was the ONLY pencil grip that kept his hand in a position where he did not tire so quickly, and enable him to use less pressure while writing.  His writing and his hand strenth improved very quickly.  I highly recommend the Grotto Grip.  His teachers in first and second grade also loved it, and I gave them some to use with my son's classmates.  The boys all called it the Bionicle grip; it does look much cooler than the standard grips." - April 29th, 2008 By Beth,

“I love it! It really works! I want it on every pencil in the K-2 classrooms. The kids love it because it looks cool! The teachers love it because the kids are holding their pencils correctly!” – Blue ribbon private school in Charlotte, NC

“I just had hand surgery. This is the first time I have been able to write pain free.– Ed Expo 2004, National School Supply and Equipment Association member

"My son has a tremor in his hand. He came home from school so excited because he could write his name when using the Grotto Grip!” – Patricia S., New Hide Park, NY

Clinic Testimonials

Hi, Jeannie –
Last week Patrick was in a Musical Theatre camp.  He practiced all week long to learn the words, music, and dance routines to six different songs to perform with the rest of the kids on stage at the end of the week.  He had a blast!  I wish you could have seen him!

Today I was reviewing Patrick’s OT evaluation from July 2008 and reading his original diagnosis of Motor Coordination Disorder and Dyspraxia.  Remember how hard he worked on reciting the alphabet with the 3-part clapping rhythm?  Remember how long it took him to do the naming 10 items in a category with the clapping
rhythm?  Remember how hard it used to be for him to follow multi-step directions?  A year ago, Patrick would not have been able to dance and sing on stage in perfect coordination with 20 other kids!  Now he can and he is the happiest kid around.

So, sure, this is great news, because he’s at a performing arts school.  But I’m also happy to tell you that Patrick got all As and Bs this year.  He was in Honors Math and Language Arts.   Remember how long it took for him to get the right pencil grip? Remember how many times he dropped those little pop beads?  All that fine motor work really did improve his fluency in math and writing.  

More than anything, I think that OT really helped Patrick’s self-confidenceYou made OT really fun for him, and he was always happy to go work with you.  He could see how he was improving week by week.  He had a great year in school.  

Tonight I asked Patrick if he remembered not being able to do the 3-part clapping or the 1 sided jumping jack, and he said, “No. Oh, yeah, wait a minute, kind of.” And then he did one of the dance routines across the kitchen floor.

Thanks again for all your help.  It’s made a huge difference.
Carol Hartley, Charlotte, NC

Readiness Skill Awareness Workshop Testimonials


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