Teacher and Student Voice (CEP)

Student and Teacher Surveys

The online CEP teacher survey takes approximately 3-5 minutes per child and does not take away from instructional time. It is administered three times per year so instruction is always based on real-time data. The survey gathers information about student performance in researched school success factors in math, reading, writing, student engagement and behavior, social-emotional skills, executive functioning, and foundational learninge components. This means that the content of every question on the survey has already been proven to significantly impact school success.

In addition to the CEP teacher survey, the SEES (Social Emotional and Engagement Survey) is administered to students. This survey addresses school success indicators that we can only learn by asking students about themselves (peer relationships, classroom behaviors, and internalizing behaviors) and their classroom and school (accessibility to learning, evironmental comfortability, academic diffiuclty level, psychological environment, and perception of school and learning). Students engage in two brief online surveys (5-10 minutes each) to address these areas. Teachers receive whole class averages of responses, individual student answers remain anonymous. These results link to strategies based on the results of the class as a whole.