Our Solution (CEP)

A significant connection between non-academic and academic factors and their impact on school success was identified through a meta-analysis of research from the nation’s top universities. Only 15% of these factors are assessed in US schools. Consequently, more than 85% of the factors that contribute to school success are largely ignored! The Classroom Educational Plan (CEP™) is a smart technology that uses teacher and student reports to survey classroom needs across all school success factor areas (math, reading, writing, executive functioning, student engagement, behavior, underlying learning components, social-emotional). Those needs are then intelligently linked with customized strategies for each classroom. An easy-to-use progress monitoring system will aid decision-making of whether to keep, combine with another strategy, or discard and begin a new strategy. The result: improved pedagogy, equity across classrooms/schools/districts, generation of the first large-scale normative data for many school success factors, increased student engagement, and overall improved academic outcomes.