The Problem (CEP)

This child has a 1 out of 5 chance of DROPPING OUT of school before graduation. A student of color has a 1 in 4 chance of being unsuccessful. And national  statistics report that almost 50% of students are disengaged in school. What can WE Do to be a catalyst for change?

Pathways for Learning conducted a meta analysis of research from the nation’s top universities. This groundbreaking analysis identified connections between academic and non-academic factors and their significant impact on school success. In the US, only 15% of these factors are assessed in  schools. That means more than 85% of what can contribute to school success is largely IGNORED—!!!?  Unless a part of the latest trend, they are….

NOT taken into consideration.
NOT assessed.
NOT problem-solved.


With solutions everywhere and in the absence of a tool to truly evaluate the problem, US schools have developed an expensive case of “Solutionitis”!  However, after a lot of BIG fails, we know finding the solutions before knowing the problem DOES NOT work. It is exhausting. It results in overwhelmed teachers fleeing the field, becoming victims of change-fatigue, or not even trying to adopt to the next thing because it’s a lot of time and effort and won’t even be around next year.