About Us

Pathways for Learning Products (PFLP) is an education company that has provided educational products, therapy, consultation, and professional development since 1998. We offer the patented, teacher-tested and approved Grotto Grip® and RediSpace® paper, and developed and consulted with MeadWestvaco to develop the Mead Writing Fundamentals line.

Our team has decades of experience working with school-aged students and school professionals as educational consultants, administrators, teachers, school psychologists, and occupational therapists. We have experienced and dealt with the constantly changing trends in education as we have worked hand-in-hand with teachers to develop interventions for thousands of individual students and strategies for hundreds of classrooms, fielded questions and concerns at conferences, and consulted with intervention teams.

Our efforts are guided by the following principles:
• Every child has the right to an equal education.
• Children learn best in multi-modal environments with varied options for expression.
• The identification and incorporation of non-academic indicators maximize academic achievement.
• Teachers are respected and valued and have the right to equal resources and support.
• Research and data need to be easily accessible, understandable and easy to use.

Our Founder

Toni M. Shub, MS,
OTR/L (EdD Candidate)

Pathways For Learning Products, Inc.’s is owned by Toni Shub, an education consultant, pediatric occupational therapist, inventor, speaker, and proud mother of six children. She graduated from California State University, Northridge, with a BA in Child Development: Mental Health Specialist Option in 1990. She earned her MS in Occupational Therapy: Pediatric Tract from Towson University in 1995. She is currently an EdD candidate at Vanderbilt University in the Peabody Leadership and Learning in Organizations program. She is an expert in her field in the areas of handwriting, processing speed and academic fluency, fine and perceptual motor treatment, universal design for learning, school intervention, and sensory processing disorder. She has worked with thousands of children in public and private schools, homes, hospitals, and private therapy clinics. Toni is a published author in Dysphasia and Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology.

She was awarded her first of 6 patents on June 21, 2005, for the Grotto Grip®. Toni speaks nationally to teachers, parents, and occupational therapists on the subjects of universal design for learning, student engagement, learning styles, and multisensory learning environments. She also teaches occupational therapy continuing education courses in the area of screening, evaluating, and treating handwriting deficits using a multisensory, perceptual-motor approach. Toni was also the early writing consultant to MeadWestvaco Consumer & Office Products, now ACCO Brands, for which she developed the products for their Writing Fundamentals by Mead® line. Most importantly, she has a passion for working with students, teachers, school administrators, and corporations to develop equitable environments and products for all types of learners.