Grotto Grip ®

Grotto Grip®: Target, Activate and Train Proper Muscles for Writing™

This patented, ergonomic pencil grip was designed and tested by pediatric occupational therapists who specialize in handwriting. The Grotto Grip immediately decreases hand fatigue and pencil pressure. With consistent use, it increases writing endurance and pencil control while training the hand muscles to hold a writing utensil properly.

Grotto Grip®: Not just a comfort grip, but a powerful training tool:

• Places and holds the fingers into a mature tripod grasp with finger guards and special angles, providing constant tactile feedback
• Maintains arches in the palm of the hand, furthering dynamic finger movements
• Facilitates an open web space between thumb and index finger
• Prevents hyper-mobility at the joints of the index finger and thumb
• OT recommended firmness for optimal joint stability and muscle action

Why is the Grotto Grip® considered the best pencil grip on the market?

With consistent use, the Grotto Grip® trains the hand to form a proper grasp. Other leading ergonomic pencil grips may feel comfortable but they support the hand at the finger joints encouraging whole arm and hand movements; encouraging a static grasp pattern rather than the use of dynamic finger movements, which can lead to more precision and increased writing speed. The Grotto Grip® activates the muscles in the palm of your hand to allow for dynamic finger movements.

The Grotto Grip® was designed with optimal firmness to provide sufficient feedback to the fingers, which will help maintain a proper grasp while writing. Grips that are too soft, lack finger guards, or place fingers too far from the pencil point may reinforce improper grasp habits. The Grotto Grips® unique design places the hand and fingers in a position which shifts the support to the palm of the hand and facilitates the user to hold the wrist in an extended position; the proper way to hold a writing utensil.

• 100% symmetrical – for right and left handed writers
• Neon colors and sleek design motivate children to use
• 100% made and packaged in USA
• Non-toxic & latex free

The Grotto Grip® facilitates and supports separation of the two sides of the hand by activating the precision side and stabilizing the power side. The result is pencil power and precision without joint strain, hand fatigue or compensatory strategies. Train the proper muscles from the start with the Grotto Grip®.