Product Testimonials

Grotto Grip

What are customers saying about the Grotto Grip®?

“I am a clinical psychologist who works primarily with children and teens. When testing clients, I often observe improper (sometimes quite awkward) pencil grasps that can negatively affect the quality of written work and increase hand fatigue. Grotto Grip was recommended to me by an Occupational Therapist who has tried literally dozens of pencil grips with her clients. I like it because it is a comfortable tool that cannot be improperly used (unlike some of the other grippers I have tried). I recommend this tool to my clients who need training in proper pencil grasp.” -Thriftygal, April 23, 2016, Amazon

“Great pencil grip to learn how to hold a pencil properly, which actually has grooves that prompts all of your fingers to be at the right place while holding a pencil! Great buy!” -ML, August 23, 2017, Amazon

“I love it! It really works! I want it on every pencil in the K-2 classrooms. The kids love it because it looks cool! The teachers love it because the kids are holding their pencils correctly!” – Blue ribbon private school in Charlotte, NC

Here’s how Catalogs are describing the Grotto Grip®

“A design innovation! This is destined to become your favorite pencil grip. Encourages open web space. Large and comfy. Cool space-age design. Used by righties and lefties. Best of all…a partition and covered fingerspots makes it virtually impossible to use incorrectly. Their motto, “Every pencil, every child, every day!”

“Places the fingers in a mature tripod grasp every time! The specialized angles and finger guards promote an open web space and hand and palmer arching. Discourages hyper mobility at the joints of the thumb and index finger. Once fingers are placed correctly, the Grotto Grip prevents the user from reverting back to immature hand grasps. For both the left and right hands. Latex Free.”

“Unique, OT-designed grip that places fingers in a natural position that facilitates and reinforces a mature tripod grasp. Features finger guards which comfortably “hold” the fingers in the proper position resulting in improved pencil control! For R&L handers.”


What are customers saying about the RediSpace®?

“This worked really well for my son. It forces him to slow down and concentrate. I highly recommend” -Andy, May 30, 2017, Amazon

“Great my son love it.” -Martin Velazquez Roman, October 2, 2017, Amazon

“Bought these for my first grader (with ADHD) that has a hard time remembering to add spaces in between his words. It helps him standardize his letter spacing and gives him visual cues to include spaces between words and sentences. These sheets are a great tool to get him in the habit of making his penmanship more legible. He was very excited to get these in the mail, and used them for his homework without any sort of fuss or argument. The teacher appreciated his enthusiasm, and also that he had a good tool to remind him of handwriting rules for spaces. I wish I would have gotten these for him earlier, like in 4K and kindergarten as he was learning writing as an earlier intervention. I will for sure be using these with his little brother who is entering 4K this fall. One packet was plenty of sheets for us for a year. He used about one sheet a week for his homework. This is certainly a reasonable price for his improved hand writing, and so much easier for him than regular notebook paper.” -Wisco Mama, June 13 2016, Amazon

“This paper has made a huge difference in the writing of some of my kids who have difficulty with other types of paper.” -Cathy Price, September 23, 2016, Amazon